Sometime there is a question arise in my mind that what is the use of an education portal?  Does education portal help students or provides information? The answer is yes our education portal “Study Pravesh” does much more than just provides information but admissions in leading school, college and university.

 Our role is to provide education institute search by students through our official website. Students search by choosing the course, state and city where they wish to take admission, portal give all the institution list according to it. In early days, for admission student have to reach that location and visit the institution to know the detail of fee structure, even they have to visit many institutes to choose one from them. But with study Pravesh we stay at home and get admission easily by Signup. The signup helps to provide detail information in our mail Id. Study Pravesh create a learning environment for students who want to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible. The web portal offer students an opportunity to find best education in schools, colleges, coaching institution and universities to meet education needs.

Study Pravesh also provides Institution an opportunity to grow in internet and engage more students to gain knowledge by listing. Institutions can list themselves by ‘List Institution’ option.  Now-a-days students search internet for education institutions. They prefer to join institutions nearby their location and healthy environment for hassle free learning. Students can browse our web portal to view list of Institutions from wide area with detail information about that institution and fee structure based on classes.

Aside from that, Schools, Colleges, Coaching institutions and Universities can themselves list their institutions from our ‘List Your Institution’ service. Our sales representative will call you once you submit the listing for your institution. We engage more admissions through our web portal as our social media marketing team managing website.

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