Education is evolving fast. Competition between students increases day by day.  Students believe to take admission in best learning institutes. But searching top institution in internet consumes lot of time and money.  Finally, when student decide the institution where he/she want to take admission, the fee structure of educational institution is so high that student either compromise or doesn’t take admission in that institute.

Many students spent valuable time in browsing internet about best institution according to their subjects, location and at the end they either take admission or refuse by choosing another institution. The reason behind refusing best institution is their fee structure which is higher than other local institution. So, after analyzing there problems deeply with a statistical data and survey an idea click in my mind to develop a web portal which helps students and on the other hand education institution also.

Well, from that point of time development of educational web portal starts. Our team gathers all the data which will help in developing a user friendly website “”. Our website improves the way of searching institution by providing drop down menus.

Steps to search education institute are:

1)      Students browse by select School, College, Coaching institution and University.

2)      Selection of Course which students wish to study?

3)       After that choosing the state.

4)      Choosing the city according to the state.

5)      Finally click the button “Filter Now”.


Most important feature of Study Pravesh other than searching an education Institute is the “admission”. Through this admission feature students can directly take admission in best institution with scholarships/ Discounts in school, college, coaching institute and university.

Aside from this a facility is also given to educational institution about self-listing them in our portal. This feature is very useful for institution as they can join us to get more admission. We connect students from education institutes with our web portal to take admission. We have list of well-known schools, colleges, coaching institutes and universities. We tie-up with renowned institutions like SRM Universities, Maharishi Arvind Universities, Engineers Academy, Commerce mantra and many more. Study Pravesh provide facility for Institutions to list them in our website: