How do you take admission in an institution? How did your own friends or family react on your decision? How did your parents react when you tell them about your higher studies in another city or state? How many question they ask about your chosen institution?

We already have lot of questions in our mind before starting a new career because a wrong step makes you feel sad, unhappy. So we create a web portal “Study Pravesh”.

Study Pravesh is an education web portal for online admission in education institutions schools, colleges and universities to enhance students towards their bright future. This education portal helps students to seek latest news on Competitive exams, SSC exam of different states. Study Pravesh create a learning environment for students who want to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible. The web portal offer students an opportunity to find best education in schools, colleges, coaching institution and universities to meet education needs.

Study Pravesh also provides Institution an opportunity to grow them in internet and engage more students to gain knowledge by listing. Institutions can list themselves by ‘List Institution’ option.  Now-a-days students search internet for education institutions. They prefer to join institutions nearby their location and healthy environment for hassle free learning. Students can browse our web portal to view list of Institutions from wide area with detail information about that institution and fee structure based on classes. At present, we are connected with renowned SRM University, Maharishi Arvind University and Engineers Academy etc.

Well, the main aim of Study is to fulfill the education needs of all students in India. Students can browse our website on internet easily. We engage more students to our web portal to provide benefit on admission.