If you are currently a college or university student, preparing yourself for the future of work, the following blog will be very useful in helping you to understand what you need to know in the world out there. Study Pravesh is a web portal designed to help students and institutions to easily connect with each other.The major target is to make the admissions easier and stress free by collected the data of education institutions very carefully. The institutions verification process is done by our sales representative before we include them in our listings.

Please pay particular attention to when we talk about your benefit. It is time consuming when you think to visit all institutions which are in your list. But, through our web portal you easily sit at your home and browse several schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutions as we give discounts/ scholarships. 

Students can prefer institution nearby their location and save time of reaching education institutions daily, know we have list of institutions from different states of India Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and many more. Our future plan is to grow our institutions listing to fulfill the needs of Students. Students can browse our web portal to view list of Institutions from wide area with detailed information about that institution and fee structure based on classes.

Aside from that, Schools, Colleges, Coaching institutions and Universities can themselves list their institutions from our ‘List Your Institution’ service. Our sales representative will call you once you submit the listing for your institution. We engage more admissions through our web portal as our social media marketing team managing website.

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